Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazú will be greatly missed. Such a great woman! Such a huge journalist and reporter! We have always been so used to listening to her on the radio. Her voice was a trademark. Journalism was her passion, her call. She was brave, bold, fearless, intrepid, daring. Her workmates describe her as funny, warm hearted, generous, an awesome hostess, always ready to share and offer sound advice.  Her intellectual curiosity was boundless. She could speak about any topic: politics, art, music, books, you name it. Magda was such a learned woman, refined, polished, with such a great taste and wide range of interests. However, she never showed off, never boasted. She always made people feel at ease, respected, appreciated. Many colleagues these days have been so thankful for her teachings, for her company, for setting an example and being a role model. And we’re all sad at her parting, very sad. But I believe someone who leaves so much behind, never really dies.  

Buenos Aires Times, Sept 10, 2022