Supreme Court: friend or foe?

We all know that certain provinces in Argentina have owners rather than governors. These feudal lords (and their next of kin) do their best to stay in power for ever and ever, keeping their inhabitants as hostages who are faithful to them only because they are state employees and don’t want to lose their jobs. No wonder Alberto Fernández, Sergio Uñac and Juan Manzur are seething with anger after Supreme Court Justices Horacio Rosatti, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Carlos Rosenkrantz suspended next weekend polls in San Juan and Tucumán, due to the “unconstitutionality” of the pro-government candidates. All of a sudden, the Kirchnerites have become ‘defenders of democracy,’ though so far they seemed not to care less. The Supreme Court is their friend or their foe, an ally or an enemy, depending on their ruling.

Buenos Aires Times, May 13th, 2023