“Chamber of Deputies approves emergency food bill”. Poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Argentina are the blatant proofs of the utter failure of the administrations that have governed our country for decades.  On the one hand, they say that we could feed 400 million people. On the other, the plain truth is that we cannot feed our own people, and the percentage of the undernourished population keeps soaring. It’s a shame, isn’t it? Worse than that: a crime, a humanitarian crime that can’t be understood or tolerated. They have all failed: “radicales”, “peronistas”, “kirchneristas”, “macristas”. All of them, without exception. They have made a mess, due to their greed, selfishness, incompetence and absolute lack of social consciousness. I’m ashamed of our “clase política”. I don’t feel they represent us. They’re all involved in petty struggles and mercenary intrigues. That’s how they spend their time and our money.  Argentina hurts. Deeply. We’re starving for food and decent politicians.

Published on Buenos Aires Times