These last few weeks, lots of Kirchnerite allied people allegedly involved in corruption and money laundering cases, are being released from jail. Fishy, isn’t it? What’s the rush, I wonder. Why now? All of a sudden, federal judges are hurrying to set them free. At the same time, some highly respected journalists (Daniel Santoro, Tato Young, among others), are being summoned and investigated. Is press freedom under siege? Is there a “Conadep” for journalism just round the corner? It’s quite obvious that our justice system is not independent from politics. Slow at times, unbelievably and suspiciously fast lately. Courts shouldn’t be subject to pressure from partisan interest.  Actually, this proves that there is no real separation of powers in Argentina. There’s never been one, as a matter of fact. And the near future looks rather dim and gloomy.

Published on Buenos Aires Times