Luana Volnovich, head of PAMI, spent her summer holidays in a Caribbean paradise with her partner, while Argentine retirees, 85% of whom get just the minimum income, cannot make ends meet, let alone go away for a few days.  President Fernández had asked his people to spend their vacations in Argentina, at least for the sake of appearances. Luana didn’t seem to care. Will she be removed? Of course not. Was Donda (INADI) removed when we found out that she had a maid off the books/ en negro?  No, she wasn’t. Among the many things this administration lacks, decorum is one of the most outstanding.  They lack empathy too. They don’t realize the importance of gestures, of examples. They speak to the poor from their lofts in Puerto Madero, or their yachts in Punta del Este. Their cynicism and hypocrisy is huge. In other words, they laugh at the rest of us. Their actions speak much louder than their empty and demagogical speeches.     Let’s bear all this in mind next time we enter the dark room/ cuarto oscuro