What’s wrong with our politicians? Every time they speak, they put their feet in their mouths. Just a few examples. The presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti, talking to Irene Montero,  (Spanish politician and psychologist, member of the Podemos party, currently serving as the Minister of Equality of Spain), said “the right” had put the stones in tribute to the dead of Covid 19. The reaction against her words was so strong that she apologized “in case she had hurt people’s feelings”. ”In case”? What a nerve! As far as I’m concerned, I don’t accept her apology, because I think she meant what she said. Another “faux pas”: our Labor Minister, Kelly Olmos, said inflation is not a priority, but winning Qatar World Cup is. Really? Is she kidding? How can she make such a gaffe? Does she realize that most Argentines can’t possibly make ends meet? She apologized afterwards, but her explanation only made matters worse. Gildo Insfrán, the “owner” of Formosa, the feudal lord who has governed that province for ages, said María Eugenia Vidal is mentally retarded, just because Vidal mentioned the undisguisable poverty of Formosa. And last but not least, “noblesse oblige”, Mauricio Macri defined the Germans as a “superior race”. What the heck! Good grief! Blunder after blunder after blunder. I’d like to remind all of them that speech (if wise) is silver, but silence is golden, guys. Shut up, please! 

Buenos Aires Times, Nov 19, 2022