«We share the same ideals. All South America is worried about not having any more Venezuelas in the region. (…) I call the Argentine people to receive God’s guidance because elections are coming in October. And all of them need to put reason above emotion to decide the future of the country, as we did in Brazil,» far-right Brasil’s President Jair Bolsonaro told reporters while standing next to Macri today.

I wonder, is it necessary to expect “God’s guidance”? If there is a God, I guess He/She/It must be busy handling other issues. Besides, I hope we, Argentines, DO NOT share the same ideals as Mr Bolsonaro. His anti-human rights policy (“I’m in favour of torture”); his undisguised misogyny (“I’ve got five kids. Four of them are men, but on the fifth I had a moment of weakness and it came out a woman.”); his contempt for gay people (“I would be incapable of loving a homosexual son. I’m not going to be a hypocrite: I’d rather my son died in an accident than showed up with some bloke with a moustache.”;  and of black people (“I don’t run the risk [of seeing my children date black women or being gay]. My children were very well raised.”).

I know, I know. Business is business, and money makes the world go round. Mercosur-EU accord, free trade agreements, and all that jazz. But I do hope our human ideals have nothing to do with his.