We thought we had seen it all. Fabiola’s birthday party in Olivos, in the midst of a strict pandemic lockdown; former public works secretary José López throwing bags full of millions of dollars in cash at a convent, and nuns catching them Manu Ginobili’s style; Martin Báez and others counting millions of dollars at “La Rosadita cave”; Julio Segundo Rigau (“Chocolate”) withdrawing money with -at least- 48 debit cards belonging to contracted employees of the Buenos Aires Legislature. And now, the cherry on the cake: images of a luxury trip Martín Insaurralde shared in the Mediterranean with his model girlfriend Sofía Clerici, almost an X-rated movie. Let’s admit it: we never get bored in Argentina. Poorer, yes, but never bored. 

Buenos Aires Times, October 7, 2023