Aníbal Fernández said he’d rather leave his children with Ricardo Barreda than with María Eugenia Vidal. I live in La Plata. I remember distinctly the newspaper headlines on Nov 14th, 1992. The day before, this mass murderer had killed his two daughters, Adriana and Cecilia, his wife Gladys Mc Donald, and his mother-in-law, Elena Arreche. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but he’s free now. As a matter of fact, there’s no such thing as “life imprisonment” in Argentina. At that time, I was Head of an English school where the 2 girls had studied. Therefore, I knew them well. As a matter of fact, everybody knows one another in this city. We couldn’t believe it. We were absolutely shocked. We still are, every time we pass by that house, on 48th St. between 11th and 12th.

How on earth can someone compare this hideous killer with the current Governor of the province of Buenos Aires? Did he mean it as a joke? Not funny at all. Very poor taste. Extremely insulting and mysogineous too. Every time this guy opens his mouth, he makes a terrible blunder. Or maybe he shows his true nature. Actually, he seems to be backing Macri, not Cristina. It’s not his first “faux pas”, though. Remember when he stated, way back in 2015, that there was less poverty in Argentina than in Germany?  Wasn’t he the one who said that insecurity was a mere feeling?

Aníbal: you should know by now that María Eugenia Vidal is neither “Heidi” nor Barreda. She’s an honest, hard working woman with guts. Say no more, please.

Published on Buenos Aires Times