Everyday life in Argentina is far more exciting than any Netflix series. Some scenes are too grotesque to be real. Not long ago, we saw José López throwing bags full of money over the fence of a convent, while the obedient nuns picked them up and took them undercover. Remember the name of the neighbour who reported this? Believe it or not: Jesus. And now, Centeno (reminds me of Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye”- or caught red-handed) a taxi driver with literary ambitions, keeping a sort of diary of the bribes collected by the previous Presidents, a detailed handwritten record including dates, times, nicknames, surnames, amounts, addresses, destinations, etc. Eight notebooks, to be more precise. Paper notebooks, mind you. If it weren’t tragic, it would certainly be hilarious. And there’s always a revengeful ex-wife behind the scenes. Beware of them! Never underestimate their reactions!