We, Argentines, are experts in denial. We deliberately choose not to see certain dark aspects of our reality, naively thinking that – if we don’t bring them to light – they don’t exist.

Abortion is one of them. although it’s still illegal here, we all know that the abortion rate is getting higher and higher (estimated 450,000 a year). And while women with resources can pay for professionals who guarantee a safe abortion, those who lack them risk their lives in clandestine clinics.

There’s a huge hypocrisy regarding this controversial issue, and it’s high time we discussed it openly and seriously. And this discussion should go hand in hand with the urgen need to implement formal sex education at schools, to promote healthy sexual behaviour among our teenagers.

The earlier we start talking with children (both at home and at school) about sexuality, the better. Thus, we would avoid unwanted pregnancies and lots of sexually transmitted diseases. It’s our responsibility as adults (parents, teachers, legislators) to do so.

Ignorance is not bliss. On the contrary. It has proved to be lethal.

Published on Buenos Aires Times