Whenever a young person is robbed and killed in Buenos Aires, I can’t help feeling that he could have been my own son or daughter. And I’m always reminded of that wonderful play by Arthur Miller: “All my sons”. Its main carácter, Joe Keller, is exonerated after being charged with shipping damaged aircraft engine cylinder heads from his factory during WWWII, inadvertently causing the deaths of twenty-one young pilots. On top of that, his own son commits suicide when he learns about his father’s responsibility.
At times I wonder if we are not in part  responsible as well, for the senseless deaths of so many youngsters, simply because- by action or omission- we fail to demand that the Government take care of us, protect us from criminals, who seem to own the streets day and night. Let’s bear in mind that all the victims could be our children. Indifference on our part is an unforgivable sin.