Since there are no crucial problems to be solved in Argentina, no inflation, no rising rate crime, no poverty, no social crisis, nothing bad whatsoever, now the President suggests moving the capital to Santiago del Estero. They say common sense is the least common one, and this is a clear example. How on earth can she possibly think of such an endeavour at a time like this? Does she really mean it or is this another distracting strategy? Our house is burning and she calls an interior designer. Pure nonsense. Her priorities are obviously upside down. You can’t afford to eat oysters every day if your kids are in rags or share a single pair of sneakers to walk to school, can you? I wouldn’t care if she were a Ms Nobody, but she’s the President of my country, the one in charge of the administration of our common home, and she seems to lack a sense of reality. Her timing is completely wrong, and getting worse and worse as time goes by. Meanwhile, we watch this “Comedy of Errors”, hopelessly.