Well, here we are, at the start of a brand New Year, a time we’re supposed to make wishes and dream big. Putting aside our own private wishes (which inevitably include winning the lottery and traveling around the world in 80 or more days), I’d love for all of us to lead a better. more peaceful and life in Argentina. I wish for: less violence, more tolerance, less crime, more safety, less political improvisation, more sound planning, less monologue, more dialogue, less corruption, more honesty. I would love to trust again, to feel certain that there’s a way out; to recover a sense of pride in our country. La Plata, my city, suffered a death blow in 2013: the April flood. The only good thing about that tragedy, was the sympathy of us, neighbours, helping one another as never before. I do hope that spirit survives, ‘cause it makes us human. We didn’t wait for the local authorities to come and rescue us. We knew that wouldn’t happen, and hasn’t fully happened yet. Instead, we helped our next door neighbours, although we hardly knew them. I hope this solidarity is lasting and catching. We’ve been waiting far too long for a father or mother figure to come and rescue us. It’s time to remind ourselves and remind our politicians that we, the people, hold the power. It’s high time we came of age as citizens. That’s my wish for 2014.