“Without Cristina there is no Peronism and without Peronism there is no country”. Who said this? Andrés Larroque, Buenos Aires Development Minister, leader of “La Cámpora” and close friend of Máximo Kirchner’s. Is that a warning, I wonder.  Sounds like a threat, actually. What does he mean? Is he aware that ours is a democratic government, voted by the people? What if in 2023 they lose the presidential elections?  Will there be a peronist “coup d’etat”, or what? Such an irresponsible statement only adds fuel to the fire, doesn’t it? Besides, no one is indispensable for our country to survive.  Larroque’s nickname is “el Cuervo”, the raven, and this reminds me of the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe, where a bird answers the narrator’s questions with the same two ominous words: “Never more!” Paraphrasing Poe and his raven, to the question “Will there be kirchnerism after 2023?”, I feel like answering: “Never more!”.  

Buenos Aires Times, Aug. 13, 2022