In Argentina, we seem to live in a never ending “deja vu”. Crucial problems are never solved. On the contrary, they get worse and worse as time goes by. Every February we are told that the beginning of the academic state school year is at stake. Every single year, the same old story. Massive teachers’ strikes across the country, demanding wage increase to compensate for a soaring inflation.  Meanwhile, millions of parents and children patiently waiting.

I was lucky enough to attend public schools (both primary and secondary), and State University (UNLP). Nowadays, many parents are forced to send their kids to private schools, although they can hardly afford it. Why? Simply because they feel their children will miss fewer classes all along the year. Sad but true.

Teachers have the legitimate right to earn decent salaries. Children have the legitimate right to attend school on a regular basis and learn.  These undeniable facts shouldn’t be incompatible. But those in charge of working things out, fail to do so again and again.

Published on Buenos Aires Times