“If we tell the truth, all our problems will find a solution”, said President Macri in full campaign mood. I wonder: why didn´t he do so almost 4 years ago, when he was elected? I mean, why didn´t he tell us the naked truth then? Isn´t it too late now? The so called “heavy inheritance” doesn`t sound like a valid excuse any longer. He should  have seen it coming way back in 2015. I´m one of his disappointed voters, I must admit. And now, like many others, I´m at a loss on the verge of the presidential elections. Not trusting anyone. In a “neither-nor mood”. And with little time left to make up our minds. Watching some outrageous things, like the peronist version of “Carpool Karaoke”, starring Sergio Massa. “Cosas veredes, Sancho, que non crederes”… Sigh.

Published on Buenos Aires Times