I often wonder whether CFK has got in her Olivos residence and/or in the Pink House, a magic mirror similar to the one that appears in Snow White, the fairy tale. There, the wicked Queen used to ask every morning: “Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?”, to which the mirror always replied: “My Queen, you are the fairest in the land”. Maybe our President asks the mirror daily: “Who is the most successful, the cleverest, the best President in the world?”, and this explains her optimism and high opinion of her administration.
The thing is that, when Snow White grew up and turned into a lovely young woman, the Queen’s mirror changed its answer: “My Queen, you are the fairest here, so true. But Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful than you.”
We, the people of this country, are slowly growing up and coming of age. Maybe it’s high time we imitated Snow White’s magic mirror and gave her a more realistic response.