“Some people want us to return to barbarism”, CFK said, referring to the lynching cases that have become an everyday issue in Argentina in the last few weeks. I wonder if she realizes how “violent” her administration has been, in more than one sense. She now urges us to be “rational and civilized”. Were Moreno’s attitudes rational and civilized? Or D’Elías? Was it rational and civilized to hide inflation and make up INDEC figures for years? “We canot allow hate to become part of our society”, she added. Don’t you think it’s too late, Mrs President? Haven’t you yourself sown anger and hate seeds that are now blooming? This government has divided us, confronted us, systematically disqualifying citizens who don’t support your so-called “model”, which has turned out to be an utter failure in many aspects. No one can possibly accept or justify these barbaric lynchings. That goes without saying. But it’s quite obvious that this administration has paved the way to this chaotic and anarchic state of affairs.