I dislike being underestimated. When someone  (a lawmaker, of all people) advises me to tip at bars and restaurants, I say to myself: Why should anyone remind me to do what I’ve always done? Furthermore, what’s that got to do with the huge economic crisis we’re going through?  Is tipping and hiring informal workers the solution?  It sounds like a joke, a bad joke. To top it all, Carrio’s slip of the tongue, her “lapsus linguae”:  we should not only give tips, but bribes as well!

Come to think of it, nothing compares to the scandalous sessions in the Low House. No soap opera, no Colombian “culebrón”, no Turkish melodrama. Nothing is more hipnotising than that. In fact, Carrió herself advised us to turn off the TV while she was a guest in Joaquín Morales Solá’s program. Weird.

Something else: I live in La Plata, Lilita. Let me tell you that it’s not 200 kilometers away from BA. It’s much closer. Hope you can come back soon and leave the local waiter a more generous tip than last time.  Follow your own advice.

Published on Buenos Aires Times