Dr Harold Bornstein has just admitted that the letter he wrote in 2015, stating in black and white Donald Trump’s  “more than perfect health”, was actually dictated by the patient himself. “His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary”, he wrote. “His blood pressure, astonishingly excellent. «If elected, I can state unequivocally Mr Trump will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.»

Surprising? Not in the least. Trump behaves and speaks as if he were a Supe Hero, someone way above the average human being. He truly thinks he’s a demigod, a sort of Emperor, who can do as he pleases, both in his country and elsewhere. The planet seems to be the playground of this spoilt, sulking, huge child, owner of an XXL ego.

And what’s even more surprising is the huge number of Americans who still support him, and would vote for him again. Pretty disturbing.

Published on Buenos Aires Times