I didn`t vote for him. Most people did. So now, Alberto Fernández is our President. I listened to his first speech and I must say I liked it. I’m not talking about the promises he has made. Macri also promised some miracles he wasn’t able to fulfill (the end of poverty, of unemployment, of inflation, etc) “Parole, parole, parole”, as the song goes. What I liked most about Fernández’ s words is his intention to put an end to the political poralization that has divided us all for so long; he’d like to overcome “the rancor and hate”.

He hugged Macri in a friendly attitude, contrasting sharply with Cristina’s bitter face as she shook hands with Mauricio, avoiding eye-contact.   Macri is the first non- peronist president to complete his term since the 50s. Not a minor detail, which speaks of a healthy democracy, in spite of all our ills. Let’s give Alberto the benefit of the doubt.  Actually, we have no choice, do we? Let’s wait and see.  For everyone’s sake.

Published on Buenos Aires Times