Although Javier Milei has not actually started his administration yet, the resistance has already started. Most unions, labor leaders and social organizations are scheduling protests, weekly marches, strikes and pickets, ready to throw a monkey wrench into the works, as usual, particularly taking into account the President is not akin. They even speak of a “dictatorship”, as if we didn’t know what a “coup d’etat” is. They can’t stand having lost the elections. They have no frustration tolerance, none at all. They have temper tantrums whenever they can’t get their own way, just like spoilt kids. Shameful, immature and risky for all of us. Milei’s warning is crystal clear: “There is no money”. And let’s admit it’s not his fault. The rights to protest and to strike must be respected, but always within the framework of the law. Let’s bear in mind something quite basic: one’s person’s freedom ends where another’s begins. As simple as that.

Buenos Aires Times, December 2, 2023