Watching, reading and listening to so many people who are still willing to support this failed administration and Kirchnerism as a whole, my conclusion is that all those “devotees” suffer from so-called “Stockholm syndrome.” I googled its origin: “This condition gets its name from a 1973 bank robbery incident that happened in Stockholm, Sweden. During the six-day standoff with police, many of the captive bank employees became sympathetic toward the bank robbers. Four hostages were taken during the robbery,and they defended their captors after being released and would not agree to testify in court against them.” I believe that those who worship Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as if she were a Saint and our saviour, are hostages, victims of blind fanaticism, who are unable to admit that she has utterly failed as a leader and has done much more harm than good. And she might damage us even more.

Buenos Aires Times, April 22, 2023