CFK firmly believes that her succesor “will receive a much better country” in 2015, compared to the state of things in 2001, when her deceased husband took office. She sounds proud of the “Kirchnerite legacy”. “A consolidated Argentine”, added Minister Julio De Vido. For his part, Government’s House Chief Cabinet Jorge Capitanich, in one of his daily wordy press briefings, made ironic comments regarding “UNEN” (“They’re very experienced in hyperinflation, drug-trafficking scandals and political betrayal”). I dare say this summarizes the most outstanding features “inherited” from this wasted decade. Their absolute lack of respect towards political opponents, always despising them, never taking them into account. Their absolute lack of self-criticism, always blaming others (the media, in particular) for their own mistakes. Their absolute denial of blatant facts, such as increased crime rate and drug trafficking. Their astronomically multiplied wealth and personal estate, contrasted to the growing poverty. Their isolating policies. All the lost opportunities. Their narrow-mindedness and intolerance. Their false figures concerning inflation, poverty, energy crisis. We’re the heirs of fear: we’re all scared of going out, of being mugged in broad daylight. It’s a real challenge to get back home sound and safe after work. That’s their legacy. We’d be better off without it.