Almost 40 years ago, the outstanding and unforgettable artist María Elena Walsh published an article called “Desventuras en el País Jardín de Infantes” (Misadventures in a Kindergarten country).  And that´s what Argentina is. That’s what we are. Last Wednesday, Finance Minister Luis Caputo addressed Congress over our soaring foreign debt and his private financial activity in the so called “tax heavens”. After a heated 4-hour debate, he “spoilt it all” by sending a handwritten “papelito” to Gabriela Cerruti, asking her not to be mean, and stating that his daughters were only 11 and 13 years old. A childish attitude, absolutely out of place (and obviously over rated by the opposition).  A few hours later, while watching the news, I saw a graphologist analysing Caputo’s personality, while scrutinizing that scrap of paper. Surrealist state of things. Salvador Dali for President.  It’s quite evident that Macri’s “boys” seem to be coached by their worst enemies.

Published on Buenos Aires Times