José luis Cabezas

We should never forget José Luis Cabezas. An Argentine news photographer and reporter who worked for Noticias, Cabezas gained notoriety after he was kidnapped, beaten, handcuffed, tortured and killed on January 25, 1997 by people hired by businessman Alfredo Yabrán. It was in retaliation for having taken a photo of him at Pinamar. I was spending my holidays in Pinamar that summer, so I remember that episode distinctly. Eduardo Duhalde was governor of Buenos Aires Province at the time, and Carlos Saúl Menem was the president. Today, the members of the gang called ‘Los Horneros’ responsible for Cabezas’ murder, are all free. Reduction of sentences, house arrest – benefits criminals enjoy in Argentina thanks to the open ablitionism supported by judges like Eugenio Zaffaroni. Somehow, there seems to be a connection between Alberto Nisman’s murder and that of Cabezas. Both men were a pain in the neck for the political power in office. Let’s not forget them.

Buenos Aires Times (Diario Perfil)