It’s weird. People who can afford to fly to USA to get vaccinated, are harshly criticized by this administration. I don’t understand why. They are not robbing anyone. On the contrary, they are sparing some doses for those of us who can’t travel elsewhere and have to wait patiently till we are summoned. The true despicable villains of this story are the ones who did get the vaccine long ago, jumping the line: civil servants, friends, relatives, young female secretaries, fans, or those who pretended to be Health Staff, like Carlos Zannini, who doesn’t regret having done so. On the contrary, he’s proud of it, and even said Horacio Verbitsky (“the dog”) is such a VIP, such an outstanding celebrity that he deserved being vaccinated and shouldn’t apologize or feel sorry for it.  Has anybody ask for Zannini’s resignation yet? If no one has, that proves there is a caste system in Argentina which legitimizes blatant inequality. First class citizens, and the rest of us. Food for thought.  

Irene Bianchi for Buenos Aires Times