I have the feeling that we, Argentines, will spend most of 2019 in the “cuarto oscuro” (dark room), voting again and again. “Dark room” rings a bell. I search the web: “A dark room” is a role-playing text based game. “Players assume the role of a character that has woken up in a dark room with no memory of what´s happened prior”. Shivers run down my spine. “Finding Nemo” also comes to mind: Dory´s short term memory loss. We have memory issues like her, don´t we? We never learn from our (many) mistakes. We keep squandering time, energy and money. Our 2019 electoral schedule is exhausting. Can we afford such a wasteful procedure? Couldn´t we make things  simpler, cheaper, more practical? Experts in complexity, that´s what we are. Sigh.

Published on Buenos Aires Times