Once again, many people took to the streets on October 12 to protest.  Actually, I’m afraid I shouldn’t use the term “people” though, because Santiago Caffiero said they/we are not “people”, not even Argentines. In Agustín Rossi’s words, we are “cowards and scoundrels”.  They say protesters encourage hatred and division. That’s a laugh! As if they were pacifists, Gandhi’s disciples, “Peace and Love” bearers.  This administration can’t admit that a large part of the population does not approve of its policies. Some of us feel that there’s no plan at all (the President himself once said he doesn’t believe in plans). We are floating adrift in stormy weather, with no compass, a moody Captain (or maybe two), always looking backwards instead of moving forward, blaming the previous presidency, wasting precious time and energy, improvising endlessly. Always in denial.  

Irene Bianchi