“I messed up”, said Archbishop Jorge Scheinig, trying to apologize for the mass called by the ruling party in Luján a week ago.  As for me, I refuse to accept his apologies. No use crying over spilt milk, Archbishop. The expected “call for peace and fraternity” ended up in a shameful event that led to a widening of the gap between kirchnerists and the rest of us.  No wonder. As the saying goes, fish rots from the head, doesn’t it? The Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has welcomed at the Vatican several conspicuous supporters of our Vice President: Milagro Salas, Pablo Moyano, Wado de Pedro, Horacio Pietragall Corti, Jorge Capitanich, among others. As far as I know, Bergoglio hasn’t said a word about the disgraceful kirchnerite mass in Luján, so most likely he doesn’t disapprove of it.  What’s the aim? To canonize Cristina while she’s still alive? To turn kirchnerism into a religion? “Cristinism” rather than Christianity?  Anything goes …(dale que va). 

Buenos Aires Times, Nov 17, 2022