I often wonder if our political leaders (former and current ones), if our Union leaders, if our so called “representatives” at Congress, if our judges, if our big businessmen, in other words, if the people who actually run this country, are aware of the huge despair our society is immersed in nowadays. Most of us feel discouraged, disenchanted, disappointed, trying hard to make ends meet and failing at it. This year’s presidential campaign is proving to be bitter, filthy, almost obscene. Candidates keep bickering and insulting one another instead of stating in black and white how on earth they intend to put things right, to make it easier for us, voters, to have our basic needs covered. We deserve much better and more efficient administrations than the ones we have survived through for almost a century.  They have historically fallen short of our expectations and never make an honest “mea culpa”. Fed up, that’s how we feel. Sad and fed up. What’s next?

Published on Buenos Aires Times