Wait! Aníbal Fernández is back? How come? Trustee of Río Turbio coal mine? “Turbio” (grubby, crooked, shady, murky), in-keeping with the character in question.  There are several “legends” around him. They say  he escaped in the trunk of a car, way back in 1994 when he was the Mayor of Quilmes, in order not to testify in Court. He`s been national Senator (1995), Government Secretary (1997), Presidential Secretary (2002), Interior Minister (2003), Justice Minister (2007), Cabinet Chief (2009 and 2015). A Jack of all trades (master of none?). He certainly has the gift of the gab, and has always been able to elbow his way up. He did it once again.  All the Fernández flock together. Bingo!

Published on Buenos Aires Times