Unbelievable. The whole world –literally – is glued to the soap opera starring Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. The discovery of some hot messages and photographs on Instagram between the striker and actress China Suárez, have enraged Icardi’s wife and agent, who has already requested divorce. We have all become voyeurs, “peeping Toms”, probably because this “culebrón” is far more spicy and entertaining than the local primary election race and the messy, ugly,  confrontational televised candidates’ debates, where no one listens or respects one another. As a society, we’ve also been cheated on for decades. Politicians have been lying to us, promising things we never got. And we kept trusting, we keep trusting, ‘cause we have no choice.  We can’t sue for divorce or damages. Wanda’s luckier than us.  And smarter.

Irene Bianchi