For some strange reason, we Argentines don’t seem to learn from certain lessons and keep on stumbling over the same stones again and again. This time the victim was Fernando Báez Sosa, murdered by a gang of bullies, who cowardly beat him to death.  This could have been avoided, as many other avoidable “tragedies”, namely the Cromagnon death trap; the double decker bus accidents, due to drowsy driving; balconies collapsing in spa towns;  tourists stabbed to death to be robbed; drunk drivers who run over people and escape; one femicide every 24 hours in our country, among other countless ones. We are shocked for a few days and then get used to it and do nothing to avoid future “misfortunes”. There’s a dangerous feeling of resignation in our society, as if there was nothing to be done about it. We’re going from bad to worse, dying (literally) in the meantime.

Published on Buenos Aires Times