We are all sick and tired by now. Utterly fed up. Not only with the unbearable, extreme heat and lack of rain, but mainly with this incompetent, lousy kirchnerist administration. Fed up with inflation, with rising prices, with power cuts, with insecurity, with narco crime. Fed up with daily pickets that don’t let us get to work, to school, to the doctor. Fed up with our huge, useless State. Fed up with candidates’ (from both sides) constant bickering. They are all so divorced from reality, so oblivious to the needs of us, the people. I wonder: have we touched bottom yet, or can we still go further down? Is there a light at the end of this dark tunnel? Can we hope for a better future in Argentina? I’m afraid that, even if kirchnerism loses next general elections, they will do their best to hinder, harm and sabotage the brand new administration’s efforts to pull us out of this fathomless pit. Their capacity to cause damage is immeasurable.   That seems to be their one and only skill.

Buenos Aires Times, March 18, 2023