Wait a minute! They must be kidding! Is it true that our members of Congress will get a 30% pay rise? Right now, of all times? Will they pocket 2 and a half million pesos per month? Have Martin Menem and Victoria Villarruel actually approved that? There must be some sort of mistake. Maybe it’s fake news. Because if it’s true, it’s plainly immoral, unacceptable. Do Congress members happen to know that a retiree in Argentina gets just $134,445.3? What a nerve! Disappointed with this administration once again. This outrageous measure is another huge contradiction. Didn’t President Milei promise “austerity” all throughout his campaign?  I remember his words distinctly: “We’re in a position to beat the caste in the first round”. I’m afraid he seems to be favouring the caste and damaging the rest of us, the people.

Buenos Ares Times, March 9, 2024