Last weekend, President Fernández (Alberto, mind you, not Cristina), travelled to Villa La Angostura (Neuquén) with the First Lady and a group of people. Was it necessary? I mean, we are all locked up in our homes, unable to go further than a few blocks away, wondering when this nightmare will be over, missing our friends, relatives, workmates, gasping for breath due to this unending lockdown, and our President  goes there, to do what?  To open a  sewage plant? A life and death issue? No wonder some locals complained, since the damn virus hasn’t contaminated that idyllic place so far. Another disgusting image: Alberto hugging Gildo Insfran (of all people), Formosa’s eternal feudal lord, the owner of the province, whom the President has confessed to admire (!). Meanwhile, we, the people, stay indoors, obeying patiently, in spite of the bad examples from above. “Es lo que hay …”

Published in Buenos Aires Times