We are witnessing a historical absenteeism in the elections in Argentina, an alarmingly low turnout of citizens to vote. I know we are all disappointed, disillusioned, frustrated, disenchanted, completely dissatisfied with our politicians. We don’t trust them, and rightly so. Nevertheless, I still think that voting is not only our duty, but also our unique weapon to make a change. On 30 October 1983, the Argentine general election was held, marking the return of constitutional rule, after the 1976 dictatorship. I had just given birth to my eldest son. I could have stayed at home, but I didn´t. I was so happy to recover that right. And nowadays, in spite of everything, I still have the same powerful feeling when entering “el cuarto oscuro”. Political apathy is not the answer. If we don’t participate due to our laziness or lack of interest, then we have no right to keep complaining. «¡Argentinos, a las cosas!»

Buenos Aires Times, July 29, 2023