That’s a laugh! CFK, in her theatrical reappearance in La Plata, has urged the «hostile»media and the opposition to leave “vaccines and pandemic out of political disputes’. She, of all people! The current administration (which she obviously leads) has made political use of vaccines and pandemic from the very start. We are not blind or dumb. Besides, the Vice President has always stayed away in the midst of local tragic episodes. She has remained distant, aloof, detached, has historically avoided to turn up. Why now? Elementary, Watson! Public opinion polls are far from favourable. So she pretends to be sympathetic, empathic, friendly. An unbelievable stereotype. Too good to be true. But, as the fable teaches us, the scorpion can’t go against its very nature. Sooner or later,  it inevitably shows. She can’t hide it. Not such a good actress, after all, in spite of her expensive costume. Clothes don’t make the man (or woman).     

Irene Bianchi for Buenos Aires Times