CFK’s foul play
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been
indicted for the crimes of aggravated illicit
association and fraudulent administration in

the bidding of public works. Prosecutor Die-
go Luciani has requested she be sentenced to

12 years in jail. This situation has triggered

a violent, massive reaction from her support-
ers, who have gathered near her flat in Reco-
leta neighbourhood, and won’t go away. This

has made daily life impossible for the people
who live there. But Cristina’s fans couldn’t
care less – and it seems she doesn’t care either.
On the contrary, she adores being cheered
and worshipped. Actually, that’s what they
call her home: a sanctuary. This reminds me

of Enrique Iglesias’ song ‘Casi una experi-
encia religiosa’ (“Almost a religious experi-
ence”). Her devotees have replaced ‘Cristian-
ismo’ for ‘Cristinismo,’ a new religion based

on dogma and, therefore, fundamentalist,
attached to a set of irreducible beliefs.
Showing once again her lack of principles
and poor taste, the vice-president suggested
that Patricia Bullrich must have been drunk
when she tweeted something against her.

This reminds me of a famous anecdote fea-
turing Winston Churchill and British politi-
cian Bessie Braddock. “Sir, you are drunk,”

said Bessie. And Churchill replied: “And
you, Bessie, are ugly. But I shall be sober in
the morning, and you will still be ugly.” We
could replace the word “ugly” for suspected
fraud and corruption, to suit the occasion.
Irene Bianchi,
Buenos Aires Times, Sept 3, 2022