She’s desperate, at a loss, bewildered, furious, obsessed. She can’t stand being accused. She refuses to sit in the dock, like a common criminal. She thinks she’s above the law. She’s so conceited, so self- centered and vain, that she probably thinks the whole world should revolve around her. In a live podcast from her office at the Senate (why on earth?!), she gave an endless speech, quite erratic and messy, which might have a political impact, but none whatsoever as regards her “illicit association” accusations. After that, she danced and hopped at the balcony, like a teenager, asking her fans and devotees to sing “la marchita peronista”. Dressed in white, as a symbol of purity and spotlessness, Cristina Kirchner feels cornered, trapped, in danger, although she’d never admit it openly. They say she wouldn’t like to be pardoned by a Presidential Decree as a last resource either, because that would mean admission of guilt. Our Vice President’s irresponsible behavior breeds more and more violence, instead of pouring oil on troubled waters and cooling matters down a bit. Eventually, History will be her judge.    

Buenos Aires Times, Aug.27, 2022