When I saw the images and heard those kids crying, I naively thought it was the preview of a movie, a horror movie. I’ve always considered Trump a dangerous individual, clownish at times, always bossy and boasting of an Ego as big as his country. But this family splitting immigration policy is clearly the last straw. Terrified children in cages, being torn apart from their parents? Can anybody give a reasonable explanation or justify this outrageous procedure? Is it humanly possible? What kind of monster can come up with this methodology? Who can go on supporting this mentally ill individual, whether they are Republicans or not? “Don’t believe the Press”, Trump and his Government officials warn us.  And they keep saying that the “detention facilities” for these infants, are not  really “cages”.  What difference is there between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, I wonder. Only the victims this time are not Jews but Latin Americans. And how does the rest of the world react?  Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this horror? Or shall we just watch it passively, as if it were a scary movie? If we did, we would be to blame too.

Published on Buenos Aires Times