President Milei is being harshly criticized because he’s meeting with “four of the 10 most important businessmen in the world” (the CEOs of Meta, Google, Apple and OpenAI). I wonder if those critics would rather have him go to Venezuela, Cuba or Iran. We are in urgent need of investors, aren’t we? Therefore, it’s advisable to make friends with these big fish who might be willing to see our country with good eyes and bring some money here. Let’s be practical and pragmatic: business is business. Why not dream of our own “Silicon Valley”? We are undoubtedly short of cash but certainly not of bright programmers, engineers and entrepeneurs. Argentina is still a land of opportunities, despite the lousy administrations that have misused its resources and caused this dramatic crisis. Let’s keep it going! (¡Que no decaiga!)

Buenos Aires Times, June 1, 2024