«A little bird approached me again and told me […] that the commander [Chávez] is happy and full of love from the loyalty of his people,” Maduro said while presiding an homage to the former president in Sabaneta, hometown of Chávez. And he actually meant it. Mind you, it’s not just a metaphor. Maduro actually believes that the deceased Commander has reincarnated as a bird, that whispers in his ear things he wants to hear. On the other hand, here in Argentina, we are not surrounded by friendly little birds, but by huge, menacing vultures, which have plunged us into a default which, in Economy Minister Axel Kicillof’s words, is not a default at all, so we needn’t worry. Latin America seems to be immersed in a «magical realism» dimension, Gabriel García Márquez’ literary heritage, that makes any sensible and rational analysis, virtually impossible.