What a blunder! Another “faux pas.” We all know what kind of leader Nicolás Maduro is, don’t we? An autocrat, a dictator. Millions of Venezuelans have been forced to leave their homeland; there’s no press freedom; there are hundreds of political prisoners; human rights abuses, torture, you name it. In spite of all this, President Alberto Fernández, after holding a bilateral meeting with him, posted this on Twitter: “I met with the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, to continue advancing in the construction of a united Latin America to defend democratic processes, human rights and the freedom of the people.” Unbelievable! He chose him, of all people! Maduro, among others, is to blame for the erosion of democracy in Latin America. Fernández has shamed all of us once again. He has no right to do such things on behalf of the whole country. His current lack of representation is more than obvious. “The rest is silence…”

Buenos Aires Times, June 3rd, 2023