When someone like Charles Aznavour leaves us, something inside us dies along with him. Some of our best memories, our teenage years, when we used to dance cheek to cheek and fell in love for ever again and again. That’s why today we feel so sad, distressed, lonely. He was a travel mate, part of our personal history, a witness of our romances. Some called him the French Sinatra. Owner of a unique style, this “chansonnier” was one-of-a-kind. And he will be greatly missed. Fortunately, his hits remain: “Que c’est triste Venice”, “La Boheme”, “Formidable”, “La Mamma”, “She”, “Et pourtant”, “Il faut savoir”, and so many others that will go on delighting us as long as we live. Au revoir, Charles. Bon voyage! Merci pour tout!

Published on Buenos Aires Times