While thousands of Venezuelans feel forced to leave their country every day, looking for a (better) life where their basic needs can be covered, curiously enough, there are people who still support Nicolás Maduro, a man whose mental health should be thoroughly checked. Just a few symptoms: 1) he has stated that Hugo Chávez has appeared to him as a cute little bird, whispering his blessings in his ear; 2) moreover, he thinks that Chávez “was poisoned by dark forces (USA) that wanted him out of the way”; 3) he has admitted sleeping on the Commander´s grave from time to time, as a source of inspiration; 4) referring to the opposition candidate Henrique Caprile: “The first thing we have to do is to shoot him legally, make him resign his office, and take him prisoner”, among many other outrageous things.

I mean, how on earth can you take him seriously?

Published on Buenos Aires Times