My birthday is on July 17th. Twenty four years ago, on July 18th, 1994, I phoned a friend of mine who lives in «Once” neighbourhood, to thank her for coming to my party the day before. Her voice sounded strange. “Have you heard the news?”, she asked. “No”, I replied. “There’s been an explosion. My building was shaken. Apparently, there’s been a terrorist attack at the AMIA.”

Unfortunately, she was right. The worst terrorist attack ever. 85 fatal victims and more than 300 seriously injured.

Almost a quarter of a century later, impunity still prevails. The thirst for justice has not been quenched. To top it all, Prosecutor Alberto Nisman´s murder (3 and a half years ago), closely linked to the AMIA investigation, still remains unsolved.

“God is dead”, said Nietzsche. I don´t know about that, but Justice in Argentina surely is.

Published on Buenos Aires Times