So sad! Such a tragedy! An avoidable one. Alberto and Cristina’s “friend”, Vladimir Putin, has finally made his threaten come true. He has started a war, the development and outcome of which we cannot foretell. We’ve gone back in time several centuries.  There’s a new virus, far more lethal than Covid 19. The virus of violence, intolerance, greed, bigotry, partisanship, fanaticism, injustice. Can one single man, or a couple of world leaders, determine the fate of humankind, of all of us? Is that fair? Are they the owners of the whole planet?  Such senselessness, such madness is appalling, horrifying, abominable. We are the involuntary witnesses of an atrocious, unforgivable act that cannot possibly be complied with. As Thomas Mann wisely put it: “War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace”.